Continuity of Operations Plan

A Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) has been created for the agency and how we will react to emergencies that could occur. These emergencies could include natural disasters, loss of services (such as power, water…etc.), or threat to health or safety of our staff and the public that use our areas.

Each emergency looks different and our response for our staff will look different, depending on the emergency. A spreadsheet will be created for each specific emergency to address essential personnel and duties per division (each division will have its own tab). An emergency may only affect a part of the state, so that spreadsheet could look very different from an emergency that affects the whole state. The spreadsheets here were created for the circumstance if there were a “stay at home” order mandated in Nebraska for the current Covid-19 emergency, which would require each agency to identify essential staff that would be required to travel to and from workplace locations. This document does not reflect the current operations of the agency as there has been no such order in Nebraska. It also does not reflect the current and future operations of the agency as health directives and restrictions are updated.

Staff who have questions or concerns about the identification of essential staff for a potential stay at home order should contact their Division Administration about their questions and concerns. If staff feel that their questions or concerns were not addressed by their Division Administrators, they can contact Angie Janda-Craig or Tim McCoy.