Agency Operational Guidelines for Staff and Public

From Director Douglas:

As we manage through the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain dedicated to taking any steps required to try to maintain safe work environments for all of you and our outdoor guests.  Your willingness to be adaptable is carrying our agency through this unprecedented time and we must move forward with the same resiliency.

You have all continued to work hard at protecting and preserving Nebraska’s natural resources and your administrative team has been hard at work as well.  Over the last few weeks, we have developed the attached set of protocols for returning to work and to serve the public in our offices across the state.

This plan begins with a preamble that is intended to pertain to every employee.  These guidelines regarding safety measures we have put into place should direct how we all, statewide, function in our respective roles and how we continue to protect ourselves and the public as we continue our important work.

Each Division has created a chapter of additional guidelines that are more specific regarding divisional work and responsibility.  Compliance is expected so as you read your respective chapters, I encourage you to let your Division Administrator know if you have questions.

This document is a living document that will change as our circumstances change.  This is an ever-evolving situation and may require several iterations of these guidelines as things evolve.

The Agency Operational Guidelines, in its entirety, is being emailed to each of you.  Download the document here.

Continue to be safe and thank you for your dedication and hard work!

Agency Zoom Meetings Feedback Wanted

We want to thank you for participating in our Zoom meetings this week. It was great to hear updates from Director Jim Douglas and Deputy Director Tim McCoy and their responses to the many questions we all have been thinking about — from protecting our staff, to future operations and serving our customers.

Both Jim and Tim reminded us that protecting the health of our employees and the public remains our top priority. They told our great team members that you are doing a good job and reminded us that we are all in this together. Jim said that these times have shown we are innovative, resilient and resourceful. The best thing we can do each day is make good decisions – decisions about our own well-being, our families’ well-being, our work and in everything that we do. Also, there are resources here for you – your supervisors, your division administrator, administration, personnel and your fellow employees.

Each Zoom meeting was recorded; watch them here.

We would like your feedback on the Zoom meetings with a quick survey if you participated:

Test Nebraska Assessment

As the state continues its battle against coronavirus, every Nebraskan can help to keep Nebraska healthy and get Nebraska moving again. Crush the curve and beat the virus by going to and taking a quick five-minute assessment. This assessment will help determine where testing needs to occur. Nebraskans at risk of exposure to the virus will be contacted to schedule an appointment to get tested.  Please take five minutes and go to to get assessed. Testing sites are open in Lincoln, Omaha, Lexington and Norfolk.

Strategic Education Plan

Adopted at the January Commission Meeting, the new Strategic Education Plan is a 5-year plan that provides six goals for advancing and coordinating education initiatives across the entire agency. The plan, developed through a team of administrators and agency educators, highlights the amazing education programs currently taking place and details work that will grow and synchronize education.

The Plan focuses on each kinds of education our agency provides – natural resources or ecological education, cultural and historical education, outdoor recreation and skills education. Much of the plan is dedicated to evaluating the current education programs, assessing the changing demographics of the state and determining what our constituents want from the Commission when it comes to education. We believe that before we embark on new programs, we must first determine what our constituents demand and need.

Our goal is to develop and sustain a leadership role in ecological, cultural and outdoor recreation education in Nebraska ensuring our diverse communities have an appreciation and knowledge of our state’s natural and cultural resources resulting in greater understanding, support for and participation in conservation and outdoor recreation.

View the ‘Focus on Education’ Strategic Plan

It's Time to Take 'em Hunting

Have you heard about our new Take ’em Hunting Challenge?

This fun promotion encourages experienced hunters to take a pledge to go hunting with someone who either has never hunted before or who hasn’t hunted in several years. Hunters who take a photo of themselves taking someone hunting can enter an online drawing for dozens of prizes (NGPC employees are not eligible).

Here’s where you can help. Tell your friends and family about it. Spread it on social media outlets. Most importantly, participate!

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a novice, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is working on details that could allow you to be paired with a co-worker to participate in this challenge.

Hunting is fun, and hunters enjoy sharing their knowledge and passion with others – especially people they work with at Game and Parks.

Record your hunting adventures here.

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